Here at Melbourne MPP, we pride ourselves on providing the best Car Resprays Melbourne has to offer.


Our qualified crew work to perfectly match and pick colours and spray your vehicle in a timely and efficient manner. At our new location, we are using our brand-new down-draft spray booth with great success and many stunning results.

You may be wondering what goes into a respray if you are unsure of the process. Take a walk down memory lane and see some Car Resprays Melbourne MPP has completed.


This was a UD Truck Colour Change Respray for a flatbed truck. This entire vehicle needed a big change, as the bright orange hue it once had had become dull and chipped. Our team made repairs and removed certain sections and sprayed them separately. Then, we completely resprayed the entire vehicle a fresh and bold white. Once the truck respray was complete, the vehicle was looking professional, new and ready to roll.

Nothing beats the first look you get after a fresh spray. This Subaru received a fresh coat of paint on its bonnet and the results were amazing. The clean, unmarked coat reflected light beautifully and was a sight for sore eyes.

This VE Maloo Respray was one complete overhaul. As you can see, just after the respray, the VE Maloo was looking sharp and swift. The smooth application created a beautiful reflective surface and highlighted every curve and line.

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This Renault Master needed a respray after a rather serious smash. After all repairs were made, this Renault work van was given a new lease on life. As you can see, this Renault Master left its past behind it by completely changing from a cherry red to a professional and sleek white.

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Last but not least, we have our most recent job, our Western Star Respray. Here you can see not only the respray, but our colour matching and linework that went into recreating the original look of the truck.

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We enjoy all aspect of smash repair, including our resprays. We respray all types of vehicles and many brands – simply ask us if you have further queries on what we can do for you.

For more information on Car Resprays Melbourne MPP can do for you, contact us today.