Here at Melbourne MPP, our respray jobs are top of the line.

We recently completed a full respray on a VE Maloo. The VE Maloo respray turned into a great success, with its beautiful glossy shine and sophisticated feel.

maloo respray


We begin with working with our design team to chosen the right colour to suit your vehicle, before we get ready to spray. Our design team can match to any colour and style of car. We also cater for a multitude of truck resprays and repairs.

The VE Maloo had already been repaired for any damaged and it was a bare canvas now ready for paint.

We make sure certain elements of the vehicle are protected and taped, as per the VE Maloo respray. We complete all our respray work in our new full down-draft spray booth, to make for adequate ventilation and a thorough respray job. All our spray and equipment are of high quality to give you the best result.

maloo respray

Once our professional team had completed the VE Maloo respray job, it was time for the vehicle to dry. The high gloss and seamless spray is obvious to see. The hood of the car was extremely reflective and shiny, creating a stunning mirror effect, even with a dark colour!

maloo respray

Out on the road, the respray appeared natural, as if the car itself was fresh off the manufacturing line. The car reflected a sleek and sophisticated style and was ready for the road once again!

Our timely and quality VE Maloo respray is just one example of the specialised work we do here at Melbourne MPP. Whether you need smash repairs, part replacements, scratch removal or a full and complete respray, Melbourne MPP will work with you to get your vehicle back to you as good as new.

maloo respraymaloo respray

For more information or to book in a job, please contact us today at Melbourne MPP.