Get a Range of High-Quality Melbourne Vehicle Services

Whether you are involved in a major or minor accident, our experts will have your car, luxury vehicles, fleet cars, and trucks back and running in no time. Our team offers comprehensive, high-quality Melbourne vehicle services like panel beating, detailing, spray painting, and more. Our service team and the panel beaters also assist you with the claiming procedure. Our work comes with a guarantee for life. Here are some of the services that we offer.

melbourne vehicle services


Our highly skilled spray painters will give your car a well thought of shine and finish. When it is a question of paint matching, each of our team members are adapted and experienced in applying different spraying types like enamel, two-pack, metallic, acrylic, flat, and pearl colour finish. We implement the latest state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and high-quality paint.

Accident Repair

From serious collisions to minor crashes, our expert crew can repair your vehicle and make it look like a new one. Our accidental repair services include paintwork scratches, alloy damage repair, dumps and dents, and windscreen repair or replacement.

Panel Beating

Our qualified and specially trained staff, mechanics, and panel beaters will strip off the body, repair or replace the damaged parts realign the chassis. After finishing all the work, the panel beaters will reassemble the vehicle and make sure the vehicle will leave our premises just like a new car.

Dent Repair

We are an expert in dent repairing. Using high-quality material, the latest repairing technology, and industry-leading expertise, our panel beating team will make the dent flat within no time.


If your vehicle is constantly exposed to rain or dust, its shine can fade over time, losing its lustre. At Melbourne MPP, we offer thorough interior and exterior car detailing services to make your vehicle look great.  We also help you maintain the resale value.

melbourne vehicle services

We have been dealing with and satisfying customer demands of panel beating requirements for over nine years. If you have had an accident and need any of our Melbourne vehicle services, give us a call.