Sometimes accidents happen and things don’t ‘moove’ out of the way in time.

After this Western Star Truck got into a small accident with a cow, it was left with an unsightly mark on it’s right head headlight and fender.

western star respray

It was time for a respray and repair for this Western Star Truck, so the hood was removed to properly repair the damage.

Depending on the type of damage and where the respray is needed, sometimes only one section needs to be removed and painted separately. In other cases, the windows, wheels and other important parts are covered and the entire vehicle is resprayed. This Western Star Respray was a case where the hood could be removed, repaired and resprayed. Our team here at Melbourne MPP made sure to match the colour of the paint correctly so the whole truck looked uniform and the correct shade of red.

Before removing the hood, the old paint was buffed down to create an easier application of the paint.

The entire section of the hood was removed, covered and taped where needed, and then sprayed in our brand-new down-draft spray booth.  Our new spray booth allows for our team to finish the job, like this Western Star respray, in an efficient and timely manner.

Once the process was completed, the hood dried and then was placed back on the Western Star truck. Outside in the daylight, there is no noticeable indication that there was any damage done or respraying. The logos have been replaced, the lines redrawn on the hood and the entire vehicle looks as good as new!

Here at Melbourne MPP, whatever the accident may have been, we will help to get your vehicle back on the road and looking brand new. For more information or a quote, contact us today at Melbourne MPP.