Truganina Panel Repairs

With Melbourne MPP – Truganina Panel Repairs – you can be rest assured that your cars panel repairs in safe hands.

Had a prang, a bingle or just a plain old car accident? Don’t stress, because Melbourne MPP has you covered! With our professional service and quality workmanship, your car will be looking like new in no time.

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Melbourne MPP is a family owned business that is quickly becoming a well-known and trusted panel repair centre throughout Melbourne.


With over 25 years of combined experience in the automotive panel repair industry, our team of friendly professionals are committed to provide our customers with the finest quality assistance and care through the entire repair process. Start to Finish.


We promise the highest levels of communication, professionalism and above all cost effective, high quality work that we stand by 100%.

In the unfortunate event of a car accident, your vehicle may have received damage that isn’t immediately obvious. Everything may look ok to the untrained eye, but often there is more structural damage that can create a whole range of issues down the track. What seems to be a minor problem can quickly evolve into a serious one if left un-repaired. Which means it will cost more money in the long run to get it fixed and in the worst case, may even result in serious injury to yourself or someone else.

Let Melbourne MPP take the hassle out of any accident repairs that your vehicle needs. We can provide you with cost effective solutions, using only the best quality parts and paint, from a caring and friendly team.

Melbourne MPP Accident Repair Centre – Truganina Panel Repairs

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Whether your priority is a smooth insurance claim, a seamless panel repair or cost-effective solution for hail and storm damage, our team of experts should be your first call.For more information on how Melbourne MPP can assist with vehicle repairs, contact us today.

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