If you need Truck Repairs Melbourne, engaging the best in the business will ensure you’re back on the road in no time!

While they may claim otherwise the average Melbourne panel beater can’t always handle truck repairs. Specialised and expensive equipment, resources, people, and more are essential to repairing a truck the right way.

The Melbourne MPP team leads the pack in truck repairs Melbourne and has earned a respectable reputation within the industry. They are the go-to guys for dozens of renowned Melbourne trucking companies.

Truck Repairs Melbourne - Before
Truck Repairs Melbourne - After

High-Quality, Fast Turnaround

We excel at the balance between high-quality work and a fast turnaround. While the standard of repair naturally drops as speed increases and vice versa, we have discovered the perfect equilibrium between these two opposites through rigorous trial and error. Without rushing or cutting corners, we can have your truck back up and running in record time, saving you otherwise lost business. We do this by putting several of our specialised repairers on the job at once bolstered by state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that everyone’s work is triple-checked for an optimal standard of repair.


We also welcome repairs for fleets of all businesses. We can do regular check-ups and keep detailed records of your fleet and company, allowing us to anticipate known issues, understand the kind of work your trucks perform and guarantee that previous repairs are re-checked and maintained.

Panel Repairs Derrimut - Before
Fleet Repairs in Melbourne - After


We are also experts in insurance repairs, allowing us to work directly with Melbourne insurance companies to hammer out the details, which will save you time, and stress, and get you the best deal available. 

If you require a truck for work, whether it be a single vehicle or an entire fleet, having a trusted, specialised service on hand for your truck repairs in Melbourne is essential. You’ll be able to continue pressing forward with business reassured with the knowledge that if any issues arise, we’ll be immediately available to take care of them.


Contact Melbourne MPP today to find out more about our truck repairs Melbourne service and get your truck working at peak performance!