Truck Body Smash Repairs

The lifeblood of our country, trucks are an absolute necessity, and they face the same accident risks as cars.  In the event of an accident, professional truck body repairs Melbourne are critical.

While the image of huge, powerful vehicles roaring down the highway prevails, the body of a truck is a surprisingly fragile, complex and easily damaged machine.  Truck body repairs Melbourne keep our hard workers on the road delivering cargo.

The everyday tasks that are required of trucks, such as loading up heavy cargo, backing into warehouses, navigating highways and squeezing through tight suburban roads will inevitably result in damage. So don’t be upset, annoyed, or frustrated when one of your trucks gets into an accident – it’s just part of the job!  You just need to find the best truck body repairs Melbourne.

Whether it be a tiny nick, a large dent or a serious collapse of part of the body, our specialised team will assess and repair or advise you on any damage and work hard to ensure your satisfaction with our service.

From infamously tight city roads, steep suburban hills and aggressive and packed highways, being a truck driver in and around Melbourne is a difficult job. Cars whizzing around you, honking their horns and always trying to overtake you – then having to back into busy warehouses full of forklifts.  It’s no wonder that trucks are constantly needing repairs.

Luckily for us, it means our team has always had constant work to do, which has built our experience and knowledge. While common problems with trucks, such a blown tires, dead batteries and worn brakes are a relatively common and easy fix, repairing structural damage to a truck’s body can vary case-by-case and needs the eyes of experts like Melbourne MPP.

No matter what you’ve done to your truck, or what’s been done to it, we’ve seen it before and we know how to fix it effectively and properly, getting you back on the road as soon as possible. We’ve been in the Truck Body Repairs business in Melbourne for many years!

Just take a look at some of our work here:


truck body repairs Melbourne
truck body repairs Melbourne

And after:

Truck Body Smash Repairs
Melbourne truck body repairs

Not only did this happy truck owner get his livelihood back on the road, but it looks as good as new.  We were also able to help make the process as seamless as possible, as we have plenty of experience networking and working with insurance companies for claims of all types and sizes.

We know and appreciate everything trucks do for us, our economy and our country. So, if you need Truck Body Repairs in Melbourne, make sure to look up Melbourne MPP!