This recent job involved a Toyota Yaris that was smashed in from the passenger side door. Clearly a gnarly accident, our customer was very shaken up!

Thankfully, the traumatized look on their face changed to relief when we assured them that, as it was a not-at-fault insurance repair, they won’t be paying a dollar for their Toyota Yaris insurance repairs Melbourne.

We’ve made it our mission to learn everything there is to know about the murky world of car insurance and Toyota Yaris insurance repairs Melbourne. This allows us to guide stressed-out customers through the ins and outs, while making sure they’re getting the best outcome.

As we mentioned, this Toyota Yaris had seen better days! With the mirror completely gone and the door caved in, it was utterly undrivable. That’s not to mention the countless scratches and chipped paint, which takes time to flawlessly match.

Toyota Yaris Insurance Repairs in Melbourne
Toyota Yaris Insurance Repairs Melbourne

When we asked our customer why they came to us over another repairer in Melbourne, they told us they had heard about our impeccable colour matching commitment and use of genuine parts.

Indeed, we do pride ourselves on these things. We employ experts in colour matching to create an immaculate final result – we guarantee no noticeable difference.

Instead of finding using cheap, non-genuine parts, at Melbourne MPP we also strive to use genuine parts sourced directly from each car’s maker. For these Toyota Yaris Insurance Repairs Melbourne, we naturally chose official Toyota parts, ensuring that the repairs will last as long as the car itself. And we’re more than happy to put a lifetime guarantee on that!

Toyota Yaris Insurance Repairs in Melbourne

We also supplied our customer with a no-hassle hire car so that their life could continue relatively undisturbed until their own vehicle was ready to be picked up.

While taking our time to ensure a high-quality and complete final product, we worked hard to return the Toyota Yaris as quickly as possible. Needless to say, our customer was extremely satisfied with the final product!

If you’ve been in an accident, whether it be not-at-fault or otherwise, choose Melbourne MPP for a repair job that will put a smile back on your face.