Automobiles can undergo numerous repairs and maintenance work throughout the course of the year, and for many different reasons.

A Toyota Smash Repair can be a particularly unfortunate incident, and one that usually requires urgent intervention.

What is Smash repair?

“Smash” comes from the words “smash-up”, or “collision.” Another word comparable to “smash repairs” is “crash repairs.”

The restoration of a car’s body after it has been damaged in a collision or crash is referred to as smash repair.

The process typically entails panel beating but could also involve chassis alignment and structural part repair or replacement.


Who are Panel Beaters?

Smash repairers, also known as crash repairs and panel beaters, are experts at repairing damaged cars to their pre-accident state.

The panel beating process may involve several stages, such as replacing broken panels, spray painting, and chassis alignment correction.

Toyota Smash Repairs Melbourne


Finding a trustworthy smash repairer can be a difficult or stressful process, especially after a car accident.

And when your car is from a reputed brand like Toyota, you might want or need extra care.

Twenty-five years of experience and excellence in automotive repairing has earned us the right to call ourselves experts at Toyota Smash Repairs Melbourne.

Toyota Smash Repairs Melbourne
Toyota Smash Repairs Melbourne

Procedures involved in smash repairing

There are several steps involved in smash repair, and the following are some of them:


1.     Vehicle Assessment

It’s crucial to get an accurate assessment of your car’s needs. Usually, the vehicle is disassembled so that all concealed damage, not just visible cosmetic damage, can be found.


2.     Damage Analysis

Your car will undergo a thorough inspection.


3.     Body Work

Commencement of body repair to restore the panels to their original factory shape and safety regulations.


4.     Paint Preparation

The undercoat and panel preparation quality is crucial to your vehicle’s ultimate finish. The undercoat quality and panel preparation determine the strength and longevity of the paint colour.


5.     Re-finishing Process

The colour coat is applied. This process is done in a unique paint booth created to replicate the circumstances of the original factory.


6.     Re-assembly

We meticulously reassemble the car, making sure to realign all of the surrounding pieces. Technicians check the vehicle periodically during this procedure to ensure that all repairs meet all safety standards for invisible repairs.


7.     Detailing

Our Detail department inspects the calibre of your vehicle. All last-minute repairs or finishes are completed at this stage.


8.     Delivery

Done! The Vehicle is delivered.

Toyota Genuine Parts


You’re in good hands when you use Toyota Genuine parts and accessories.

Toyota Genuine parts are designed for maximum performance and longevity and correspond to the original manufacturer’s standards. Since they are model-specific, you can be confident that your car isn’t getting accessories and parts that are “one size fits all,” as with some non-genuine parts.

Which Toyota Model Do You Have?


We cater to all the following models of Toyota:



Hatchbacks can offer all the space you might need for your many ambitions. Even a tiny hatchback can be massive on safety, style, and intelligence.
Such Hatchbacks might include:

  • Yaris
  • Corolla Hatch



Sedans have a boot that is separate from the rest of the car. The rear seats can be folded down.
Common Sedans include:

  • Camry
  • Corolla Sedan


Toyota Family Vehicles

Toyota automobiles are ideal for families.
These cars provide security, room, and comfort:

  • Camry
  • Yaris Cross
  • C-HR
  • Corolla Cross
  • RAV4
  • Kluger
  • Fortuner
  • Prado
  • Granvia
  • LandCruiser 300


4WD & 4×4

  • Fortuner
  • Prado
  • HiLux
  • LandCruiser 70
  • LandCruiser 300


Utes, Vans & Bus

Toyota utes, vans, and buses are renowned.


  • LandCruiser 70
  • HiLux



  • Granvia
  • HiAce



  • Coaster

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Nobody wishes for a smash repair.
It’s unfortunate, but it’s not always something you can avoid.


When it happens, all you can really do look for a trustworthy repair partner who can reliably take care of your car, as well as take care of you. When you think of Toyota smash repairs Melbourne, think of us.

We can meet you at the site of the accident and help you deal with your situation.


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