This Toyota Hilux Panel Repairs Melbourne job got the vehicle’s happy owner back on the road in no time!

One of our latest panel repair jobs was on a Toyota Hilux in Melbourne with damage to the passenger side doors. Being a fleet vehicle used for trade, its repair was naturally a top priority for the business. Thankfully, as it was a clear-cut not-at-fault claim, we could get started right away!

Toyota Hilux Panel Repairs Melbourne

As you can see from the images, this Toyota Hilux was hit from the side, crushing the passenger door alongside surrounding panels. To repair the Toyota Hilux panels, we removed both the front and rear passenger side doors and replaced them with brand new panels. After that, we resprayed with a colour-matched white to ensure they merged seamlessly with the original body. We made the job our top priority and were able to get it back to our customer within record time, allowing them to get on with business as if almost nothing happened. 

Toyota Hilux Panel Repairs Melbourne

Specialists in Trade Vehicles and Fleet Repairs

One significant part of our comprehensive service package is in dealing with company fleet and trade vehicles. Unlike regular cars for commuting and recreation, we understand that trade and fleet vehicles need to be back up and running ASAP in peak condition, and every minute that they’re not is real money lost. To make this process as painless as possible, we have dedicated ourselves to repairing trade and fleet vehicles quickly and with top results. This has made us the go-to panel repairer for both local and regional businesses all across Melbourne. 

Hire Car and Not-at-Fault Claim

Another one of our most renowned services is the provision of a hire car to freely use while your vehicle is being repaired. In this case, the owner who brought us the Toyota Hilux was given a hire car of a similar build and capability to ensure it would be able to do the work that was required. We also further helped them sort through and organise their not-at-fault claim by working directly with their insurer to make the process as smooth and short as possible. 


If you have a fleet or trade vehicle like this Toyota Hilux in urgent need of panel repairs, contact us today!