Don’t leave your Toyota Camry Repairs to just anyone – get it done right the first time.

Once again, we’d like to bring you one of our latest jobs. While our work was cut out for us with loads of people getting back on the roads and getting into accidents, these Toyota Camry repairs stood out from the pack. 

This job for Toyota Camry repairs was brought in by a lovely customer who unfortunately experienced a rear-end collision that completely destroyed the rear bumper. While the car was still operational, it looked absolutely terrible and was in desperate need of a fix up. 

Fortunately, the insurance side of things was fairly straightforward. The other driver admitted fault, allowing our customer to easily make a not-at-fault claim and get their car repaired without fuss. We set them up with a courtesy car and got to work on removing the damage, replacing the bumper, and repainting the rear with colour-matched paint. As this accident occurred late at night, we were also able to utilise our 24-hour accident assistance service to ensure that the customer didn’t have to wait until morning for help.


Toyota Camry Repairs

Luckily, our customer had made sure their insurance policy had Choice of Repairer, allowing them the freedom to come to us without any fuss.

Ensuring you have Choice of Repairer is extremely important, as it gives you the authority to source a trusted repairer that suits your needs while being close to your home or workplace. Some insurance companies will try to force you into their repairer of choice, which are not always trustworthy and often scrimp on quality to save money. We absolutely recommend checking and adjusting your policy if Choice of Repairer is not guaranteed.  

As we are experts in not-at-fault claims, such as in the case with these Toyota Camry repairs, we can also help you speak to and negotiate with your insurance company after the accident. We know the ins and outs of how insurance companies work, so we can step in to ensure you’re getting the best deal while the entire process stays smooth and stress-free.

Thankfully, this Toyota Camry job was a walk in the park for our expert repairers. However, it serves as an excellent case study demonstrating the peak of our services and showing how vital finding a trustworthy and versatile repair service like ours can be!

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