Smash Repair Melbourne – Here at Melbourne MPP accident repair we have a fantastic team of highly trained technicians who are equipped with a plethora of knowledge to repair any sort of damage your car has endured.

Smash Repair Melbourne – This car experienced a knock to the front right panel and was in need of a little TLC from our MMPP experts to restore it to its former glory.  And that we did! We couldn’t be prouder of the outcome and wished to showcase it.


With any repair job which requires respraying and matching colors, we determine the paint code of the vehicle. Once the code has been determined, where are often multiple variations of the color – difference in shading from batch to batch or differing shades from paint suppliers.

To determine the exact variant on a car, we rub an area with a abrasive paste and then polish – this removes any air-born contaminants. The area which has been rubbed down is then scanned with a color matching camera. This helps identify the correct color needed to get the job done.

Once the identification process is over the color is test card sprayed and compared to the vehicle at hand to confirm the accuracy.

There are so many differing conditions which can effect the color on your car – humidity, temperature, air pressure and so on. These conditions are beyond human control so the final phase of producing an accurate color match is the blending process. The color expert will blend the paint into the into the panels, when done correctly (see above) the results are seamless.

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