It is ideal to have quality service when it comes to Semi-Trailer Repairs.

That is why Melbourne MPP should be your go-to for premium repair jobs and expert knowledge in work vehicles.

A semi-trailer is a type of trailer without a front-axel. It must be towed and supported by a tractor, attached via a device called a fifth wheel. Semi-trailers are built to carry freight. They feature brakes that are engaged automatically and are only disengaged when the fifth wheel is attached.

Semi-trailer damage can occur due to incorrect loading of the trailer, poor driving resulting in collisions, or general wear and tear. Some damage brings severe risks – for example, damage to translucent sheets can threaten roof failure, and some trailer manufacturers warn that trailers must not at any cost operate with rail damage. Other damage occurs naturally over time – for example, rust. Structural rust has potential to reduce the life of a trailer, while surface rust is comparatively more controllable.

A knowledge of mileage, age, and generic maintenance schedules can assist in the prediction of issues that may arise at a particular point in time. There are several ways to examine a trailer for damage. Sensors, as well as dials and gauges, should be understood and checked. Uneven tire wear could be a symptom of a more serious problem with other components, including axels, wheels, rims, and suspension (although this is difficult to diagnose because of tire rotation). Tires themselves can be inspected for cracks, or damage to the sidewalls, and the depth of tread should be checked frequently.

However, even checks can’t account for accidents or road hazzards that cause collision.

Here at Melbourne MPP,  where damage has occured from something big or small, out state-of-the-art equipment and professional staff will help get your Semi-Trailer Repairs completed in a timely manner. We know exactly what to look for in terms of maintenace and issues that need resolving – so you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands.

We specialise in smash repairs, part replacements, rust repair,  paint jobs and much more. For more informtaion on what we can do for you and your Semi-Trailer Repairs, contact us today at Melbourne MPP.