See What We Can Do! Motorhome Fiberglass Repair Melbourne

See What We Can Do! Motorhome Fiberglass Repair Melbourne

A home, a vehicle, a way of life – a motorhome. But sometimes you need motorhome fibreglass repair in Melbourne to protect your investment.

When your motorhome’s fibreglass exterior is damaged and isn’t looking its best it can be a stressful and difficult situation. Even tiny scratches and dents can lead to massive damage down the road, which is why you should act now!

We have made it our priority to specialise in motorhome fibreglass repair Melbourne so that, no matter how big, small, complex or simple the damage may be, we will guarantee it looking as good as new again.

Our method is straightforward. Assess the damage, isolate the damage and then repair the damage. When repairing, we use a variety of techniques and tools depending on the severity and area of the job. We employ only qualified and experienced repair people who are specialists in the fibreglass used in motorhomes.

You can see the quality of our work directly through these pictures:

Motorhome Fiberglass Repair Melbourne

As you can see, the owner of this fantastic motorhome came to us with a badly dented and scratched back end. The damage included numerous cracks, some of which are difficult to make out, as well as the clearly visible gaping hole.

It was smart of them to contact a Melbourne motorhome fibreglass repair specialist immediately as this sort of damage can have very serious repercussions down the line.

After examining the damage and the entire motorhome, we then isolated the damaged area and set about making our repairs.  

Motorhome Fiberglass Repair Melbourne

Motorhome fibreglass repair Melbourne consists of an intricate process that needs to be performed carefully and thoroughly. As you can see from the pictures, we covered the affected areas, sealed them and then repainted them. All parts of the job involve expert precision through a trained eye to make sure all damage has been found and repaired properly to prevent this area from becoming a problem again in the future.

Here is the final result:


Motorhome Fiberglass Repair Melbourne

The owner told us it looked even better than when it was brand new!

Some people would put off getting similar repairs done as the actual motorhome’s mechanics are fine and it is still liveable. However, we strongly oppose this, as even the smallest hole or scratch can lead to severe consequences.

The main culprit of such consequences is water. Water and fibreglass are a terrible mix, which is why we go to extreme lengths to ensure the fibreglass is sealed properly. A hole such as the one pictured would eventually cause massive structural damage to the entire back end of the motorhome. That’s why, even though it can be frustrating, it’s best to bring your motorhome to us for any and all fibreglass damage!

If you need the fibreglass on your motorhome repaired, don’t wait for the damage to get worse! Get on top of it today and give Melbourne MPP a call so your motorhome can return to being your pride and joy!