Rust Repair MelbourneRust Repair Melbourne

Rust is quite a big problem in many cars – both old and new cars can be subjected to rust damage. While rust formation occurs through a complicated chemical reaction, the result of it is quite easy to understand; Rust is a sign of corroded steel or metal, this means the structure of the car will inevitably weaken if rust is present.


It must be noted that it’s not just the structure of the car which will be affected, rust can corrode various parts of the car rendering them void unless completely replaced.

Rust within your car can destroy the look of your car and could even deem it completely un-roadworthy if left too long.


Here at Melbourne MPP, we can help you repair most rust damage your car has endured. Rust must be treated immediately to ensure the best possible outcome for your car. Without treatment, the rust will continue to spread until it consumes everything.

In most instances we will dissect the rusted section out and weld a new sheet of metal with similar thickness of your car. We then smooth out the welds and respray your car to an original finish. Once this process is carried out, you will never see the rust again in that area of the car.

If your car is experiencing rust and needs some TLC, contact us straight away!

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