The roads, streets and highways of Melbourne can make for an unpredictable hazard to any vehicle. Particularly with work vehicles, all it takes is a light scratch to completely ruin the impact and professionalism of the vehicle.


That’s why we strive everyday to provide the most efficient, high-quality and cost-effective penal repair service in the west of Melbourne.


We have a team of professional and experienced panel-beaters on board with one aim; to make your vehicle look completely undamaged. Despite how bad you think the damage may be, we have likely seen – and repaired – worse! That’s where the panel experts at Melbourne MPP – Renault Panel Repairs Melbourne – were here to help.


Let’s have a look at some of our latest work – the evidence speaks louder than we ever could!

Melbourne MPP - Renault Panel Repairs Derrimut - before
Melbourne MPP - Renault Panel Repairs West Melbourne - before

The owner of this very nice Renault work van came to us after sustaining some damage from being rear-ended. Of course, the van still worked perfectly well and would have been drive able without any repairs.

However, we firmly believe the owner made the correct choice coming to us to get his van’s panels repaired. This is because work vehicles are a reflection of the worker themselves. Potential clients would instantly lose faith in anyone who is happy to drive and represent themselves in a beaten-up vehicle. That’s why, even if the damage has not affected the performance of the vehicle itself, getting it repaired could save you business trouble and will prevent damage to your reputation.

Melbourne MPP - Renault Smash Repairs Melbourne - after

Don’t Let Panel Damage Hurt Your Reputation! Renault Panel Repairs Melbourne

As you can see, the final result is completely dint and scratch-free! We completed the job carefully but within a very reasonable time-period, which meant that our customer didn’t have to make do without his precious work van for too long. I think he was pleasantly surprised at how quickly he was able to come and collect it! He was very thankful for the job, stating that he couldn’t see any traces of damage and that it looked better than before!

Unfortunately, accidents do happen on our roads. If your car is your livelihood, don’t hesitate to take the necessary steps to ensure it meets you and customer’s expectations at all times. Call the Renault Panel Repairs Melbourne team, Melbourne MPP on (03) 9394 1153 today so that we can get started ASAP on getting your pride and joy back to normal.

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