Even Removalist Trucks can go through their fair share of damage.

Here at Melbourne MPP, we cater for all types of truck repairs – including Removalist Truck Repairs.

Removalist companies tend to do a lot of labour intensive work – carrying furniture, moving boxes, backing the trucks up driveways – so it’s not unlikely that accidents will happen!

The most common forms of accidents have to do with scratches and dents. Furniture may bump or scratch the sides of the truck if removalists aren’t careful, or a driver may back into a fence or post – don’t worry, these things happen to everyone!

There are also more serious accidents, such as wreckages, major dents and torn pieces of metal.

Whatever the accident and the outcome, Melbourne MPP is here to help repair your truck in a timely manner. We offer many services for Removalist truck repairs including:


If your truck is scratched or the paint is wearing down, we can respray your vehicle. Our professional design team will make sure to match your logos and colours so your truck will look as good as new.


removalist truck repairs

Body repair

We can repair dents and tears by ordering and replacing the parts needed. We work with a lot of different brands of trucks, so we will find the part that suits your removalist truck perfectly.

removalist truck repairs

Rust Repair and Paint Protection

If you removalist truck is simply getting old, we can freshen it up by repairing any rusty parts and making sure the paint lasts longer with our premium paint protection services.

food truck smash repair

Worried about insurance? Melbourne MMP is a reputable company that works alongside many insurances services to provide you with the help that you need to get your business back on the road. Popular insurance companies include Allianz, Budget Direct, CGU, Zurich, youi, RACV, Shannons Insurance, NRMA, Lumley Insurance, Comm Insure, Coles Insurance, Vero, OBE and GIO.

removalist truck repairs

For your Removalist Truck repairs, contact us today at Melbourne MPP, the truck smash repair specialists!