Not at Fault Accident Claims & Insurance Repairs

Have you been involved in an accident and need help with your Not at Fault Accident claim? Don’t Stress, we’re here to help!

At Melbourne MPP, we are Melbourne’s experts at “Not At Fault” accident claims and insurance repairs. We can handle all the repairs for your vehicle as well as manage your claim to ensure you’re getting the best and fairest deal possible.

When you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, every step you take, right from the moment directly after the accident is extremely important. We’ve seen too many people lose money over simple mistakes that anyone could have made.

However, accidents always happen quickly and suddenly. Often there is no time to think, so we end up doing silly things that we later regret. That’s why, if you can remember to do these 3 things before you come to us, it’ll help your case substantially! Of course only begin the first task after making sure that everyone involved at the scene is okay and not injured.

Not at Fault Accident Claims & Insurance Repairs

1. Get the other driver’s information, including phone number, driver’s licence and registration and take photos of their vehicle and even their license if they are okay with it.

2. Take photos of the scene, including of your vehicle’s damage, the surrounding areas and the other drivers vehicle.

3. Ensure that the other driver has your information.

If you can successfully complete these three tasks, then we can help you with the rest of your claim and everything else will be a walk in the park! However, if you forget one or all the steps, don’t worry either! We’ve seen this happen plenty of times and can still offer you lots of vital assistance.

To make life easier for you during this trying time, we will also lend you a high-quality courtesy car free of charge so that the impact on your everyday is mitigated and you can continue on with minimal stress.

So, if you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, relax and give us a call after your insurance provider. While we can’t promise the following period of time won’t be stressful, we can promise to be there with you every step of the way and to make it as easy as possible!

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