Nissan Panel Repairs Melbourne – Melbourne MPP brings you vehicle transformations, paintwork touch-ups, and more…

Alongside repairing vehicles damaged in accidents and insurance repairs, we also pride ourselves in being Melbourne’s leader in vehicle transformations and paintwork touch-ups. Whether your ride is damaged or not, we can revamp its entire look to make it hotter than ever before – just like these Nissan panel repairs Melbourne.

A fantastic example of our work is this Nissan Skyline R33, which had panel damage and wear to the front bumper, bonnet, and other areas requiring immediate repair. While doing this, we also touched up the Nissan’s paintwork to give it a fresh, seamless look perfectly matched across the entire body.

Nissan Panel Repairs Melbourne Skyline Before
Nissan Panel Repairs Melbourne Skyline After

As you can see from the images, we had to replace the damaged bonnet and front fender with brand-new panels that were grey and black in colour. Luckily, the damage to the front bumper was only cosmetic, allowing us to forgo a replacement and settle with a touch up.  Naturally, these panels were authentic, Nissan-manufactured and came with 100% quality assurance.

Seamless Look for Nissan Panel Repairs Melbourne

Seeing as the panels were all different colours, we had the additional task of paint matching and spraying. This Nissan boasted a dynamic, vivid red, drawing the eyes of onlookers and grabbing everyone’s attention. Of course, we didn’t want to dull this vigour, which is why we spent as much time on painstakingly sourcing and respraying the entire car as on the actual panel repairs themselves.

As demonstrated by these Nissan panel repairs in Melbourne, our team is able to transform and respray vehicles with expert precision and exceptional quality. Even if your car isn’t damaged and you are simply seeking a new look or touch up, we’ll work with you to design and realise the style of your dreams.

Whether you’re in need of repairs or some new life with a fresh paint job or transformation, we’re the ones you need to call. Contact Melbourne MPP for a chat with one of our experts today and start down the path to the car you’ve always wanted.


Nissan Panel Repairs Melbourne Skyline
Melbourne Nissan Panel Repairs Skyline