Improve your personal vehicle or company fleet with New Financial Year Panel Repairs, and reap the rewards.

The beginning of a new financial year serves as the ultimate incentive to refresh your life and business. If you’ve been putting off getting those scratches, dints, or other panel imperfections tended to, now is the time to bite and bullet and invest in new financial year panel repairs. 

New Year, Fresh Look 

Having a damaged car, particularly one used for business, is far from a desirable look. Apart from appearing clumsy and uncouth, it can lead to negative, real-world ramifications for you and your business’ reputation.  

Of course, having a vehicle repaired just for aesthetic damage can cast an unneeded burden upon individuals and businesses. Taking up precious time and often costing a fortune, we totally sympathise with the temptation to move on and ignore it.  

However, you can’t keep burying the problem forever. Sooner or later, you’ll be confronted with the issue, making you wish you’d sorted it out when it first appeared. With a new financial year around the corner, more and more customers with accumulated damage are paying us a visit to rejuvenate their vehicle and start off the next year with a bang. 

New Financial Year Panel Repairs

Business cars – repair now, claim later   

For extra incentive, if your vehicle is used for business, you can claim a tax deduction for repairs and servicing. As the end of the financial year is 30 June, you’ll be able to include it in your fourth quarter BAS and 2021 tax return.

Invest your tax return into your panel repairs

If you’re lucky enough to get a positive tax return, consider investing it in panel repairs for your private vehicle. You’ll feel so much better driving around in a car that looks fresh and cared for.

Ramped-up service 

In addition to financial concerns, most of us simply can’t live and work without their vehicles. To alleviate this, we can provide a courtesy vehicle service and are experts when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. 

Don’t put it off any longer! Get your vehicle’s panels in top shape for the new financial year and continue prospering. Contact Melbourne MPP today to find out more.