Mitsubishi Repairs by Your Expert Melbourne Panel Beater

Don’t leave your Mitsubishi Repairs to just anyone. Choose Melbourne MPP for quality repairs and service.

This month’s most rewarding job was a rear-ended Mitsubishi Lancer with substantial boot and bumper damage. Needless to say, the owner, who required the car to commute to work, was very upset! Luckily for him, he took it to the right place for his Mitsubishi repairs.

After immediately securing a hire car to ensure the owner could still get on with life, we got to work assessing the damage for the Mitsubishi Lancer’s repairs. With broken panels, chipped paint, cracked taillights, and scratches aplenty, it was a gnarly hit! Luckily, the owner of the car was fine – albeit a bit shaken up!

Mitsubishi Repairs

We understand that when making claims, getting the right information and presenting it correctly can be a head-scratcher – especially if you’re already traumatised from the hit! That’s why we have made it our mission at Melbourne MPP to be the go-to specialists in not-at-fault repairs, allowing our customers to rest easy knowing they have an ally in their corner. We helped the owner of the Mitsubishi get everything in order, allowing his claim to be processed smoothly and making the experience much less stressful.

After replacing the panels, the next job was colour matching. As this is an area some panel beaters fall short on, we decided to make it another one of our areas of expertise. Nothing less than perfect will do when it comes to colour-matching for our smash repair customers.

Of course, we provided a lifetime guarantee on the Mitsubishi repair and told the owner not to hesitate contacting us if he finds any issues that need to be addressed. While most panel beaters will say their work is high-quality, we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. Naturally, the Mitsubishi owner was extremely pleased to hear this. Although, with the effort we put into our work, we’re sure he will be satisfied for life!

If you need quality Mitsubishi smash repairs in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered! While we mainly specialise in luxury vehicles, trucks, fleet cars, and insurance repairs, our commitment to excellence is applied to every job, however big or small, simple or complex.

Don’t hesitate to pay us a visit or contact the Melbourne MPP team for your panel repair needs.