If you need the best Mitsubishi Panel Repairs Melbourne MPP can help.

Our latest job involved repairing the rear bumper of a Mitsubishi involved in a rear-end accident while on its way to work. Being leaders in Mitsubishi panel repairers Melbourne, the driver had heard of us through word-of-mouth and decided to entrust us with his damaged ute.

When asked why he chose Melbourne MPP for his Mitsubishi panel repairs, he answered with the following three main reasons…

Experts in Not-at-Fault Claims

To make panel repairs in Melbourne as simple and stress-free for our customers as possible, we have a team of experts in not-at-fault claims on standby ready to deal with your insurance provider. We make sure that everything goes smoothly to get you the best deal possible, reducing the often seemingly endless hours wasted discussing details, checking fine print, and organising repairs. 

Mitsubishi Panel Repairs Melbourne

Work Vehicle Repairs

Alongside repairs on every day, private vehicles, we also offer specialised panel repair services for work vehicles. This allows us to deal with powerful, high-end work vehicles of all varieties. If you have a heavy-duty work vehicle like our customer’s Mitsubishi ute, definitely consider bringing it to us instead of overwhelming your local repairer! 

Loan Vehicles Available

The final reason offered by the Mitsubishi driver was our renowned and super convenient loan vehicle program. We have a fleet of loan vehicles of various models meeting all kinds of demands, from sedans to work vehicles suitable for tradies and more. With a reliable loan vehicle at his disposal, he was able to return to his work while we set about getting his Mitsubishi’s rear bumper repaired and sprayed with colour-matching paint.


If you need panel repairs in Melbourne and want someone who can handle not-at-fault insurance claims, specialises in work vehicles, and can provide the convenience of a loan car, contact Melbourne MPP today.