At Melbourne MPP, we pride ourselves as experts in repairing special vehicles. This recent Mercedes Panel Repairs Melbourne job is a perfect example.

When this owner brought in their 1995 Mercedes C220 after a not-at-fault accident, they wanted the top Mercedes panel repairs Melbourne has going around.

Taking Care of Your Special Vehicle 

Needless to say, our customer’s Mercedes was their pride and joy. When something as meaningful as this is damaged, it can be emotional and stressful. That’s why, upon hearing of our experiences with Mercedes panel repairs in Melbourne, our customer felt that they could trust us with mending and restoring their priceless treasure to its former glory. 

Getting to Work

The Mercedes on hand was a 1995 Mercedes C220. It exuded a certain timeless sophistication, with its dark emerald green exterior further giving it an almost royal elegance. With such sophistication, we perfectly understood why the owner still opted to drive such a retro model in favour of an upgrade. 

Mercedes Panel Repairs Melbourne

Being hit from the side, the panel damage on the Mercedes was fortunately not too severe. While it took a little while to get right, it wasn’t a challenge for our experienced team. The main issue was matching the unique colour, which is not common on many of today’s cars. Fortunately, our experts in colour-matching were able to perfectly recreate the exact colour and its accompanying sheen, allowing for a seamless blend of old and new parts. 

Providing Unbeatable Service

While our panel repairers worked, the rest of our team sought to provide the Mercedes owner with our trademark list of additional service. This included a hire vehicle to help get them through the week, arranging a pickup and drop off, and working with his insurer for an issue-free claim. 


If you’ve got your own pride and joy like our customer’s Mercedes, put it in the care of hands you can trust! Next time you require panel repairs in Melbourne, give Melbourne MPP a call and we’ll make sure you and your baby are looked after every step of the way!