Ute Smash Repairs Near Me

If you’re seeking “ Melbourne ute smash repairs near me,” then you’ve come to the right place! Utes are high-performance, working vehicles able to handle a wide range of tough jobs. Often, a ute is the backbone of one’s work, and functioning without it is next to impossible. That’s why we’ve got specialised experts in ute smash repairs on call to get the job done right and quick.

Ute Smash Repairs Near Me - Before

Timely, High-Quality Work

As you can see from the photos, we recently had a customer bring in their blue Ford ute for smash repairs. It had been hit from the back left-hand side at high speed, causing significant damage. While in today’s world, it may have been dismissed as a write off, we were adamant about fixing it. Luckily, the panel damage was largely contained to the side and back, so we could complete repairs quickly with minimal hardship.

Ute Smash Repairs Near Me - West Melbourne

Flawless Colour Matching

Just look at the post-repair picture! Good as new, right? Not only are the new panels seamlessly integrated with the others, but the colour has been perfectly matched. Indeed, this is another of our fields of expertise, and we employ trained colour-matchers with an arsenal of paints to guarantee a flawless job. As illustrated by the images of the black Mitsubishi ute smash repairs, this is further bolstered by a state-of-the-art facility and equipment. If you’re a stickler for detail, you won’t regret opting for a smash repairer who goes the extra mile in colour-matching.

Hire Cars to Keep You On Track

While we promise to minimise time spent on smash repairs, these things still take days at the very least. This is why we’ll provide you with a high-quality courtesy car in the meantime, allowing regular life to continue with reduced interference.

If you’re seeking high-quality ute smash repairs with an emphasis on customer service, contact us today!

Ute Smash Repairs Near Me - After