Metal serves a wide variety of uses in society.


It’s used in the construction of bridges, certain machinery, car frames and in houses. Given enough time and the right conditions, these metals are all susceptible to aggressive debilitating corrosion, more commonly referred to as rust. In certain areas, the environment plays a role in the spread and how frequently maintenance is needed. In places like Melbourne rust repair is needed frequently due to the wide variety of environmental factors that can stimulate the growth of the corrosive substance.

Unless repairs are made in the early stages, rust can and will spread across the entire surface eating away at it like a ravenous metal-hungry bug. Aside from the loss in aesthetic value, it can also be dangerous. Rust can cause severe structural weaknesses in whatever surface it is on, shortening the metals life, leaving it with holes and stress fractures which can substantially limit its effectiveness.

In structures such as bridges or houses, structural weaknesses could lead to collapse. In a car, widespread rust is considered a road hazard and can cause the vehicle to be given a default notice. Rust can also interfere with the functioning of machinery. Electrical instruments and appliances with rust can fail to work because the rust takes away the metals conductive properties. Machines that use magnets can also be affected because rust isn’t a magnetic material. This avoidable loss of machinery can cause major issues. In a city, such as Melbourne rust repair is important because of the reliance on machines to keep the city running.

Given enough time, oxygen and a wet substance, the spread of rust can lead to the destruction of even the strongest metals. The elements can be a big factor in the spread of rust. Rain and especially snow can increase the spread exponentially. Neglecting repairs can not only be dangerous but is costly to fix the longer it’s left to fester and grow. There are several methods that can be used to treat rust. Generally, it is done by removing the rust and any paint from the affected area. After completely clearing the rust and ensuring the surface is dry, rust treatment substances are used. Filler or something similar is used to fill in any holes left by the rust removal. The whole section is then sanded back and repainted, if necessary.

There are several methods that can be used to treat rust – here at Melbourne MPP, we can help by removing the rust and repair the damage it has caused. The rust and any paint is removed from the affected area, before being filled, sanded and repainted to complete the repair.

Here at Melbourne MPP, we are your smash repair and Melbourne Rust Repair specialists. For more information or a quote, contact us today.