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Winter is coming, fast, so it’s the perfect time to remind everyone to be careful and prepared on the roads.

With accidents increasing during the winter months, essential winter car maintenance can make the difference. And when accidents can’t be avoided, knowing how to get help and who to call will save you extra stress.

Insurance Car Repairs Melbourne

The surge of winter accidents

Winter brings with it new and dangerous driving hazards. Icy roads can turn even your most routine commute into a treacherous journey. Reduced traction, decreased visibility, rain, and flooding all increase the chance of something going wrong.

And we all know how sudden the weather can change catching out unprepared drivers. Now is the time to be extra careful and the best way is to be prepared.



Insurance car repairs

Unfortunately, even the most careful driver can find themself in a winter pickle. The good news is insurance can often help you cover the costs of repairs and having a reliable and professional insurance car repair specialist on hand will save you time and stress.

Not only do they repair your vehicle back to its original state, but they’ll take care of much of that pesky insurance paperwork.



Winter Insurance Car Repairs Melbourne

Car maintenance tips for this winter

If you can avoid any problems in the first place, even better. Here are a few tips to protect yourself this winter.

Tyre’s: Good Tyre tread depth and inflation will keep your vehicle sturdy in wet weather.

Visibility: Replace worn-out wipers and top up your windshield washer fluid to clear windshield ice. Clear all windows of ice and fog before driving.

Speed: Vic-Roads recommends you slow down and increase following distances during wet weather. Good advice!

Route: During heavy rain and winds, avoid driving if you can. If you must get behind the wheel, keep an eye on conditions and if possible, select a route that will avoid the worst of it.

Roadside assistance: A roadside assistance service is essential because accidents aren’t predictable. Check with your car insurance company to see if you already have it and keep the number easily accessible in your car.

Tow truck: If the worst does happen, who will you call? Just like road assistance, know who you will contact before you need them.

Emergency supplies: Carry a first aid kit for your car. This one is just smart to do all year round so if this is your prompt to do so, you’re welcome. As a minimum, make sure you gather a medical first aid kit, a flashlight, blankets, and non-perishable snacks because you never know when (or where) an accident will happen or how long you’ll need to wait.

Save the number

The best way to deal with car issues is to avoid them where possible, but when you can’t, knowing who you can call and how is your saviour. This winter, take some precautions to protect yourself, but be prepared.

Keep our number handy, just in case.

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