Imported Car Smash Repairers are a special breed.  You love your car – it’s a unique, imported vehicle that you chose with care.  You have looked after it, ritually serviced and maintained it, and made sure that this work was done by professionals who knew the quirks and differences that come from owning an imported car!  And now that your car has been damaged in an accident or by a Melbourne hailstorm, you need to take the same care in finding a smash repairer who can look after it as you would yourself.

Imported Car Smash Repairers

Specialised imported car smash repairers aren’t as common as you might think.  There are different needs when repairing an imported vehicle – dealing with special vehicle insurance companies such as Lumley (LSV) or Shannons, finding the right parts at a good price, and working on cars that are a little different to the norm.

Melbourne MPP prides itself on being leaders in this area.  Our repairers are passionate about repairing vehicles that are a little outside the box – imported or modified vehicles, trucks, and vintage cars.

Check out the Testimonials from our happy customers, many of whom have entrusted us with the repair of their specialised and modified vehicles.  We know how much you love your car, and understand the stress that choosing a repairer might cause.  You can be confident in the passion and skills of all staff at Melbourne MPP.

Contact Melbourne MPP today for an obligation free quote – let us help you restore your pride and joy to its former glory!