It seemed like such an innocent, everyday thing – until they needed Honda panel repairs Melbourne.

The owners of this orange pearl Honda CRV were doing the right thing, giving their car a wash at a local car wash, and ended up with more trouble than they bargained for. They ended up needing to enlist the help of the Melbourne MPP team – leaders in Honda panel repairs Melbourne!

So, what actually happened to require Honda panel repairs Melbourne ? The car wash malfunctioned, causing the brilliant-looking SUV to get stuck.

The good folk at Honda referred the owners to Melbourne MPP for the panel repairs, which involved a respray of the entire car, except for the roof, in the vibrant and distinctive orange pearl colour.

We are big fans of this colour. It really does stand out in a crowd, and looks amazing when freshly cleaned – or in this case, repaired!

Honda Panel Repairs Melbourne

Fortunately for the owners, the damage was repaired as a not at fault claim through their insurance company, and they were also given access to a hire car for the duration of the repair process.

At Melbourne MPP, we know how to help people navigate the insurance claim and repair system. Sometimes it helps to know that someone has your back. In this case, the repairs went smoothly, and this amazing car was back on the road in no time, good as new.

We can vouch for the customer’s happiness too. They left a very warm review following the West Melbourne Honda panel repairs:
“Excellent service and turnaround time. Highly recommended. Well done guys”

Feedback like this is gold to Melbourne MPP. It means we are doing exactly what we aim to – help Melbourne car owners get their favourite vehicles fixed, without the hassle or stress that can sometimes ensue.

The next time something comes from left field to damage your car, get in touch with the team at Melbourne MPP, and know that you’re in the right hands.