Holiday Driving Tips

Australian summers are full of beach adventures, road trips and festival fun! However, due to the vastness of our impressively big country, summer often comes accompanied with long and arduous driving. 

To help keep you safe and comfortable during this driving, here are 5 Holiday Driving Tips to remember before you head out this summer!

Take Breaks Every 2 Hours

It is highly recommended to take breaks every 2 hours during a lengthy road trip. This is to refresh ourselves and reset our concentration, which will help prevent drowsiness in the long-run. A lack of concentration is one of the biggest causes for crashes on country roads, and, with the speed limits often being 100 or more, these are crashes you won’t simply walk away from. Always stay refreshed and vigilant! 

Holiday Driving Tips

Check Your Car

A check of your car before embarking will keep your car in top-shape, which can help prevent life-threatening situations on the road. Checking your tire pressure, oil, water, lights, wipers, brakes and the spare wheel will mitigate any on-road trouble. These checks can be completed quickly and guides on how to do them can be found online!

Bring the Essentials 

Don’t expect to find what you need on the way – have your car ready from the beginning! Food, plenty of water, and most importantly, a full tank are things you should have in your car before you hit the highway. 

Plan Your Journey 

Know where you are and where you’re going before you start driving. This will lessen potential distractions, give you confidence and keep you feeling relaxed. Plus you’ll know where some good places to stop, rest and grab a coffee are!

Bring Something to Keep You Engaged!

Being alone with your own thoughts for hours can lead to drowsiness, and chatting to passengers can be distracting, which is why it’s important to bring a source of audio entertainment for the journey. Some of your favourite music, an interesting podcast or fascinating audiobook will do the trick! This is also a great way to make the journey seem faster, although you may be a little disappointed if you didn’t finish what you were listening to!