Holden Astra Smash Repairs Our latest Holden Astra Smash Repairs job left the owner over the moon with the results! We recently finished these Holden Astra smash repairs, after the vehicle had been side-swiped. There was damage to the front passenger door and side bumper. Luckily, our customer was not at fault with indisputable evidence to back them up, making the situation far less troublesome than it could have been. So, without delay, we got started on the Holden Astra smash repairs. Being a beloved car used to commute to work, we could tell that our customer was hoping for a speedy job to put it all behind them. Fortunately, the damage was external and mainly cosmetic, meaning that a simple exchange of panels was basically all we needed to do. Because of this, we were able to complete the job in record time, allowing us to relish the praise of a very happy customer! An Uninterrupted Life: Hire Car Convenience Of course, despite our best efforts, we still required several days to inspect the car and carry out repair work. To ensure our customer could get on with their daily life unabated, we supplied them with a hire car to freely use until the work was complete. Needless to say, during such a highly stressful time, having this extra touch of convenience really helped them out! Convenient 24-hour Accident Assistance While most accidents occur during peak hours, there’s no time limit on bad fortune. That’s why we have introduced 24-hour accident assistance to provide our service day or night. The fruits of our labour were rewarded during this Holden Astra incident, which occurred early in the morning when the majority of other panel repairers were shut. Experts in Not at Fault Claims Being involved in a traffic accident can be a huge stress in modern society. This is particularly true if it’s not your fault, as your entire day, week, and perhaps even month can be totally ruined through bad luck alone. After seeing countless dejected faces and frustrations, we made it our mission to become specialists in not at fault claims in order to supply useful guidance and a friendly ally to ensure you receive what you’re entitled to. Super-fast Holden Astra Smash Repairs! Whether you’ve got a Holden Astra or something else, if you’re involved in an accident and need smash repairs, don’t look further than us. With a hire car, 24-hour assistance, specialist guidance on claims, and more, we provide the ultimate stress-free repairs experience! Contact Melbourne MPP to find out more about our second-to-none service or book your panel repair service today.