Essential Workers Vehicles

Our essential workers are working hard to care for and help us in these unprecedented times, and we need to be helping them in return. At Melbourne MPP, we are making sure that essential workers vehicles can be repaired and stay on the roads.

Essential worker’s vehicles are crucial in keeping them mobile and available to do their important jobs, and Melbourne MPP is offering a range of vehicle services for all essential workers.

Melbourne MPP is a quality panel beater located in Melbourne, that specialises in luxury vehicles, trucks, fleet cars and insurance repairs. Our services comply with Government regulations and is contactless to ensure the safety of customers and staff. At Melbourne MPP, we also carry out insurance repairs, as well as private repairs to car panels and paint. If your vehicle needs fleet repairs to keep it safe, road worthy and efficient, this service can be provided. No matter what type of vehicle needs repairing, Melbourne MPP can repair it. As essential workers need to have access to a car, while the vehicle is being repaired, complimentary hire vehicles are available so they can stay on the road.

Repainting is also available with repairs if the cars paint has been damaged due to an accident or other damage.

Along with these services, we also offer insurance excess discounts to further ease the financial burden for essential workers. Before being returned via contactless drop off, the vehicle will be detailed and properly sanitised as part of our service to you.

Melbourne MPP is operating as normal during 2020 for the benefit of essential workers, while adhering to all Government guidelines for the pandemic. If you are in Melbourne, contact Melbourne MPP to take advantage of our quality services for all essential workers.

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