Don’t Do It Yourself! Professional Full Car Resprays

Along with our reputed panel beating service, Melbourne MPP specialises in full car resprays of any kind.

Our colour experts can match any colour to ensure damaged areas look as good as new. Our complete colour range means that we won’t be selecting the closest colour, but will be striving to find the exact matching colour.

We also do custom resprays, so if you feel like changing up your car’s image with a new colour, or adding different coloured parts, we can work with you to realise the final product of your dreams. We have a catalogue of various extensions including spoilers and body kits that can also be resprayed to bring your car to the next level!

Furthermore, if you’re feeling bored with your current car’s style, one of the best ways to reinvigorate its energy and renew your love for it is with a full body respray in a new colour. It’ll completely change the feel of your car without changing any of the mechanics. 

Professional Full Car Resprays

While some may be tempted to try DIY resprays at home, we couldn’t advise against this more! Even for tiny scratches and dents, professional resprays are the only way to go to ensure your pride and joy truly looks like it should. In fact, many of our customers are ones who have attempted to respray their own car only to be extremely disappointed with the result. We always say the same thing – next time, just come to us first!

Our state-of-the-art tools and experienced respray experts will guarantee a smooth and tidy job with no mistakes. Our spotless designated spray booth results in a clean finish without any grime or dirt accidentally getting stuck to the car. We keep all our tools and workshops up to the highest professional standards to match the technology and sophistication of the original spray by the car manufacturer. 

Whether is be for repairs or aesthetic reasons, if you’re considering having your car resprayed, give the team at Melbourne MPP a call today.