Delivery trucks are an ‘everyday’ vehicle.

They are meant to be constantly in motion, traveling here and there and getting the job done. That is why delivery truck repairs are crucial – they need to be done correctly and efficiently. That is why Melbourne MPP should be your next stop for delivery truck repairs!

So you’ve had an accident on the road, another vehicle has backed into you by mistake or your delivery truck is going through some wear-and-tear – no problem! Here at Melbourne MPP we have qualified specialists to get the job done.

We have completed a vast range of smash repairs, particularly on trucks. It just goes to show the hard work and dedication our team has. We pride ourselves in putting well-repaired vehicles back on the road.

Some past jobs include:

Iveco Truck Smash Repair – this Iveco truck came to us with some much-needed TLC. We repaired and replaced the front of the truck, creating a seamless look as shown on the finished product.

delivery truck repairs

Mack Truck Bonnet Repair – this Mack truck had a bonnet that needed a boost, and our repair team got to work bringing the Mack back to life with a respray and repair.

delivery truck repairs

Fuso Truck Complete Respray – who said you needed an accident to come into our shop? This Fuso truck received a blast of colour, changing from a dull white to a bold royal blue.

delivery truck repairs

As seen in our previous works, our jobs range from complete overhaul to a spot of colour. We are able to repair and replace any parts that are needed as we cater for a wide range of truck brands. Our team also specializes in colour and design, and have worked with a range of vehicles. So, matching colours, designs and doing thorough resprays can rest faithfully in the hands of our crew. Additionally, if rust repair happens to be something you’re looking for, Melbourne MPP can take care of that for you as well!

Rest assured your delivery truck repairs are all taken care of when you visit Melbourne MPP. Contact us today for more information on what we can do for you and your delivery truck.