Better than New – Toyota Hilux Repair

This week’s standout job was the repair of a Toyota Hilux with a smashed front end.

While there wasn’t any engine or structural damage to the vehicle, the damage to the outside panels was reasonable and would take a lot of work to make it look new again. 

Our crew wasted no time setting about repairing our customer’s beloved vehicle. 

A Toyota Hilux is a fantastically designed vehicle that mixes work and pleasure. Its powerful capabilities make it perfect for even the most intense labour work, while its sleek and professional design, plus ample storage place make it ideal for day-trips and recreational activities.

Our customer did well coming to us for his repairs. Our team consists of highly experienced and knowledgeable panel beaters who have seen, and repaired, all kinds of vehicle panel damage. As our customer’s insurance policy allowed him to choose a repairer, he was able to find our service, meaning that he is guaranteed a high-quality repair and consultation. 

It is important to check whether your insurance policy allows you to select your choice of repairer, and, if it does, to take full advantage of this. If a repairer is not selected, many insurance agencies will opt for a cheap and basic service, and will try to leave you out of the process as much as possible. Many also simply scrap the vehicle and give you a new one, as this can often be cheaper and less effort than repair. However, a new vehicle comes with new problems, and your beloved vehicle shouldn’t be treated with such disrespect. You should take full advantage of your rights and do the proper research to see if your damaged vehicle can be repaired, and find a company with a strong reputation to do so. 

Through the combined efforts of some of our most experienced crew members, we were able to restore our customer’s Toyota Hilux to its former glory, and then some! Our work consisted of a new bull bar, rear tray and smoked black bonnet protector as well as the removal of all dints. The front was then powder coated black and the side steps carefully hand-painted black. We then resprayed the entire vehicle. Our customer couldn’t believe it! He said it looked better than it ever had before. 

If you have sustained panel damage to your vehicle, don’t settle for anyone. Check your insurance, and select the best to get your vehicle back to its former glory.

Better than New - Toyota Hilux Repair