Auto Body Shop Tarneit

If you own a car, one or many, at some point, it’s going to happen. It could be an annoying surface scratch, or maybe something much more substantial,

But one day, you’ll be making a visit to an auto body shop.At Melbourne MPP we know there is more to fixing up the vehicle.

So here are some things to consider.

Auto body shop Tarneit services

Panel beating

Minor dings or major collision repairs, Melbourne MPP technicians have seen it all.

Panel beating restores your vehicle’s external appearance.


Spray painting

Colour matching to flawless finishes, spray painting ensures a professional result that blends seamlessly with your vehicle’s original paint.

Auto body shop Tarneit
Auto Body shop Tarneit

Insurance repairs

Insurance can be frustrating and who wants to deal with the paperwork?

That’s why you should connect with Melbourne MPP that offers insurance repairs.

They’ll liaise with your insurance provider and streamline the process.


Fleet Services

Commercial fleet owners need their cars in peak condition.

From routine maintenance to major repairs,

Engaging with a repair company that understands your fleet needs is crucial.

Melbourne MPP – Why choose an auto body shop in Tarneit, you ask?

Let’s dive into the benefits of having a local solution for your automotive repairs.


Forget about long commutes or inconvenient detours when your vehicle needs attention. When your auto body shop is local, you can rest easy knowing you can drop your car off and pick it up without planning a day trip!


Quick Turnaround

Our cars are not just vehicles, they are how we get to work, get home, spend time with our families. And for a commercial fleet, they are our entire business. So no one has time to be off the road too long. Your local repair shop understands the importance of getting you back on the road promptly.

Auto Body Shop Tarneit

Hi, we’re your local auto body shop, Melbourne MPP!

Nestled in the suburbs, Melbourne MPP auto body shops local to Tarneit boast extensive expertise and experience.

Yes, we’ll look after your luxury vehicle.

Yes, we’ll get your commercial fleet back on the road.

Yes, we are down the road. And we come with over 25 years of combined experience so we’ve seen a thing or two, or a thousand.

Auto Body Shop Tarniet

Unfortunately, repairs are kind of inevitable. From your own vehicle to your commercial fleet, knowing there is someone local who has you covered takes just a little stress out of the unexpected. So if you are looking for auto body shops Tarneit, let us Melbourne MPP give you the expertise you and your vehicle deserve.