Accident Repairs in Derrimut – At one point or the other in our life, we’ve all had a car accident, and boy oh boy here at Melbourne MPP Accident Repairs, we know the pain and frustration.

Accident Repairs in Derrimut – We hope you will never have to use these steps, however, we wish to share them with you if you ever encounter an accident. So be sure to bookmark this page and have handy should the need ever arrise!


Accident Repairs in Derrimut


Step 1

Make sure to get all relevant information including:

  • Drivers name,
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • License number
  • Location of accident (street name)
  • Time of accident
  • Registration details
  • Insurer of the other car (If they are at fault)
  • Witness details (if available)

In today’s era of devices such as smartphones and tablets, it is worthwhile taking as many photos/videos of the damage done to both your vehicle and any other car involved.

Having the photos as backup is always good, should your case be escalated for any praticular reason.

And it’s always handy to sketch a quick diagram of how the accident happened.


Step 2

If you need police or ambulance call 000

  • Always call the police if you are unable to determine who was at fault. Police authorites will take a statement which will be used in court, if it gets that far.
  • It is always recommended to call a ambulance if there has been a accident, If you feel like one is not needed then make sure you go to the doctors to get checked out.


Call a tow truck to get your car towed – You can choose to have your vehicle towed to any destination up to 125km away. The tow truck driver must tow the vehicle there, provided you agree to pay at the time of the tow. You have the right to pay by your choice of cash, credit card or debit card.


Step 3

Get in touch with Melbourne MPP Accident Repairs. We are happy to help you get your car back to it’s former glory and work with your insurer, taking all the hastle out for you!

  • Not at fault claims and Insurance Repair Work for all makes and models
  • Free Courtesy Loan Car Available
  • Dent Removal
  • Hail And Storm Damage
  • Colour Matching