You can rely on our super-friendly staff to assist you throughout the entire process of having your vehicle repaired. From free onsite quotes & repair advice to full re-sprays & insurance claims, our team is committed to make your experience as smooth and comfortable as possible.


We take pride in the quality of our work and have no tolerance for anything less. Utilising the latest equipment and employing skilful and dedicated staff, every repair is guaranteed to meet our high level of quality standards before leaving.


It is important to us that our customers feel welcome and comfortable leaving their vehicles in our capable repair-hands. Our commitment to quality work, supreme service and customer care can assure you your vehicle will be back on the road in to time!


With over 17 years experience and located in Derrimut’s ‘West Park Industrial Estate’, our new factory is fitted with modern equipment to ensure quality and precision to all insurance and private work.

Vehicle Insurance Repair Specialist

Semi-Trailer Repairs – Melbourne MPP

It is ideal to have quality service when it comes to Semi-Trailer Repairs. That is why Melbourne MPP should be your go-to for premium repair jobs and expert knowledge in work vehicles. A semi-trailer is a type of trailer without a front-axel. It must be towed and...

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Flat Bed Truck Repairs – Melbourne MPP

Flat bed trucks are a key to the trade businesses of the world. Therefore, they need solid and well done flat bed truck repairs!   Flat bed trucks often do not have sides or walls to secure a load, unlike typical work utes. If not secured correctly, the cargo can...

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VE Maloo Respray – Sleek and Sophisticated

Here at Melbourne MPP, our respray jobs are top of the line. We recently completed a full respray on a VE Maloo. The VE Maloo respray turned into a great success, with its beautiful glossy shine and sophisticated feel.   We begin with working with our design team...

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